Things to Look for when Searching for a Building Inspector in Australia

Whether you are buying a new commercial property in Australia or selling away yours, there is always a need for commercial building inspections to know the overall condition of the property. But, as much as a building inspection is important to your decision-making, it is equally important to hire high-quality inspectors as well.

To help you with this, find out the following basic and most important factors to consider when looking for a commercial building inspector.

commercial building inspections

Independent from the real estate agency

To avoid possible manipulations from a building inspector, it is wise not to hire the one whom a real estate agent recommends. Go for commercial building inspections in Australia which is conducted by an independent inspector or agency to ensure that you get unbiased results.

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Must be a licensed builder and inspector

Hire a building inspector who has the relevant certificates and licenses to ensure that you get uncompromised and mediocre commercial building inspections results.

In fact, choose the one who is a registered builder as well simply because of the fact that he is more experienced in the construction industry. He is also expected to be highly knowledgeable with the building standards, making it easier for him to determine irregularities in different properties.

Should hold a professional indemnity and public liability insurance

When choosing commercial building inspections Australia providers offer, make sure that they hold for themselves professional indemnity and public liability insurance to protect them from any damages which may be incurred or may be charged by their clients.

This is done to ensure that you, as a property buyer, will be compensated if ever the building inspector incurs damages or errors during the pre-purchase inspection process.

Training and continuing education

When choosing an expert in commercial building inspections, always ask your inspectors if they have undergone relevant training and continuing education to determine if they are really credible for the job. It isn’t wrong if you are to assess your inspectors with their knowledge.

Must provide a written contract for all transactions

A professional building inspector, as expected must offer a written contract before the proper inspection is conducted. This part of the entire inspection process is needed to ensure that both parties are protected from any fraudulent practices.

As a client, you must make sure that you have read and understand the document as well to know your responsibilities. Find out the scope of the inspection process to know what you have to expect from your building inspector.

Transparency and excellent client feedback

A good building inspector invites his or her client along during the inspection. One reason is to let the client know about the properties condition, and second, is to show to the client that he or she is transparent about the inspection process.

A trustworthy building inspector finds an opportunity to educate the client about some of the property’s issues and condition such as pest eradication, plumbing maintenance, and HVAC current performance.

To get a clean inspection result, it doesn’t always mean that you need to spend much. You can, if you want to, find cheap commercial building inspections Australia wide through searching online or asking for recommendations from friends and colleagues.

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