Dual Occupancy Home, A Continuous Income Source

A Dual occupancy home is a new style in houses. It has similarities to a duplex and could easily get mentioned as an offshoot of this type of dwelling. But as with everything new, this one came out better and well-suited to the times. A duplex, also called a “pair,” “party wall development” or a “semi-detached” is easily differentiated from a dual occupancy home by the mirror image it projects. Dual occupancy homes usually have only one roof but with a second livable area, perfect for more than two different types of people to live in.

However, this house design could have the layout of two dwellings attached side by side, with each having a street frontage. A dual occupancy home could also get constructed with one dwelling behind the other. However way it gets built, it’s always more than one home in a single block of land. Check out at Latitude 37

Benefits of Dual Occupancy Homes

* Appealing to students and the aging population, a dual occupancy home’s living concept also appeals to young professionals.

* The savings on getting this type of house built and the returns on rent, make a dual occupancy home a good investment. Creating a second livable area will save you costs on construction than having a duplex or another standalone home built.

* Giving you the chance to get good investment returns, it is possible to rent one side of this house while you live in the other. With soaring land prizes, this type of house makes it easy for many people to own property because of the investment returns.

* Tax-wise, an accountant will have a lease setup considered a business, and therefore, tax deductions.

* You don’t need a separate title for a dual occupancy house which is another plus, again, when it comes to deductions on your taxes.

* The award-winning pre-designed homes Melbourne has today, like the ones from Latitude 37, for smart investors like you, include this type of house in their comprehensive Portfolio. Exceeding expectations, there will be no problem at all in thinking about the layout of your dual occupancy home.

* Dual occupancy homes do not devalue the neighbourhood in large estates because these houses’ structure can be the same as the other properties.

* This house’s dividing walls may get constructed so it can get opened up to serve as more rooms.

* Living solo in your house shouldn’t mean you live alone. Have a neighbour just a wall away. Convert your dwelling by having a knockdown rebuild by dual occupancy builders Melbourne has now.

* Not only will you regain your investment with a dual occupancy home, but this nest egg will continuously generate good income well into retirement.

* This type of living is perfect in keeping relatives, parents or grandparents close by.

Whatever your budget, dual occupancy homes are within reach. Top-notch custom home and townhouse builders Melbourne has for you can make it happen. They have an experienced team and superb management system, limiting the number of homes they build yearly to give you the best quality. Check out http://www.l37.com.au/

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